Digital Marketing Link RoundUp 4

Every week thousands of new marketing blog posts and helpful resources are published online. Some provide great insight to strategies and tactics, some help us work smarter, some help us grow...and others are just plain fun.

I'm reading and sifting through them anyway. I figured that I might as well share my favorites with you.

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First...if you are new here, read my post on How To Create A Simple Lead Funnel For The Digital Attention Span Economy.

Next, check out my favorites discoveries from the last week:

Are You Ready for the Content Marketing Separation? Because Here it Comes! - There is a separation point coming in content marketing that will elevate real writers and truly helpful content. 

18 Ways to Create Scannable Content for Your Blog - People will decide whether or not to read it based on their initial scan, so you need to learn to write scannable content.

7 Outdated SEO Writing Myths That Will Not Die - Some sites are built on stupid SEO copy strategies. But unfortunately, they are like slow-moving viruses that are making the site “sick.”

12 Winning Strategies to Boost Your Click-Through Rates - Every part of your email has a role to play. Your subject line sells the open. But what you do within your email and how you present your link, is what sells the click.

Social Media Audience: Your Audience Might Not Be Where You Think They Are - Facebook is losing market share and marketing trends are continuously changing, so marketers need to continuously adapt.

10 Magazine Lessons That Will Make You A Better Content Marketer - There are core magazine factors contribute to quality content and can make you a better content marketer.

How to Increase Productivity as a Digital Business Owner - Six simple productivity hacks that can reduce downtime without too much mental angst.

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