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Every week thousands of new marketing blog posts and helpful resources are published online. Some provide great insight to strategies and tactics, some help us work smarter, some help us grow...and others are just plain fun.

I'm reading and sifting through them anyway. I figured that I might as well share my favorites with you.

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Here are my favorites from the last week:

Overlooked SEO: Optimizing Images and Video For Search - Great walkthrough on how to optimize your images and videos so you can get more organic traffic.

The True Winners and Losers of 2019’s Super Bowl Ads, According to Neuroscience - A group of people were hooked up to a device that tracks neurochemicals in their brain while they watched the Super Bowl to see what ads actually had the biggest effect.

SEO Marketing Hub  - Brian Dean created this huge SEO training resource.  You need to bookmark this one for sure.

35 Blogging Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Be Popular Topics - Articles, topics, and approaches that have demonstrated massive success for bloggers in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

5 Things Successful Content Marketers Do to Make Sure Their Work Gets Read - Most content never gets read, this article breaks five specific things you can do that will actual move the needle in getting more eyeballs on your content

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